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Star Rating - 12/30/2006
Hello, I am thinking about moving from San Francisco, CA. I have found that after 1 year, CA is NOT for me. I moved here from Honolulu and I have lived in other parts of the U.S. I have read some posts about the skyrocketing cost of living in Fort Lauderdale but, please know that this is all relative. I'm guessing that its less expensive than San Francisco (housing starts at $1 million) and cheaper than Honolulu but, I don't know if this is accurate, first hand.
What concerns me is that when I'm on job boards for Fort Lauderdale, salary info is rarely provided. I've heard that the economic indicators on this site are not very accurate. I deduce that this site gathers information that is provided to them and, trust that the info is correct.
I am also deducing, from other posters, that the salaries there are not commesurate with the cost of living. Is this the case?
Bp | San Francisco, CA
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