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El Paso..................ehhh!
Star Rating - 6/12/2019
Weather wise; El Paso is a great city to live in. Mostly sunny year-round and the temperature is bearable. Spring sort of sucks with the high winds and dust. Unfortunately, there are no jobs in El Paso (unless you work for the government like I do). What scant few jobs that due pop up pay very little. Traffic is bad but the crime rate is extremely low. Overall, the people tend to be a bit rude but there are some great folks here as well. Education is not bad with UTEP and Texas Tech. EPCC is horrible though. Good Luck.
Sean | El Paso, TX
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- 10/20/2019
El Paso is an awesome place to live in.
El Paso is unlike many other cities in the US. Living in El Paso is living in two worlds w...
Ivan | El Paso, TX | No Replies

- 2/10/2019
It's okay here.
Don't live here unless you are military. There is no room for growth, people are comfortab...
Karina | El Paso, TX | No Replies

- 6/7/2018
Not a welcoming place, bad drivers~
Ill begin with saying, the living expenses are dirt cheap. You can buy a decent home for u...
ali | El Paso, TX | 1 Reply

- 12/9/2017
Great place to live, work, and play...
Joan | El Paso, TX | No Replies

- 5/15/2017
A place to live.
Not unbearable....
Danny | El Paso, TX | No Replies

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