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Star Rating - 8/19/2019
What a complete shame. We totally agree with the bad reviews. Seattle could be a great city. But, it has become yet another liberal mecca, and their policies have now firmly RUINED the City of Seattle—just like San Francisco, L.A., Detroit, etc. #1, do not even think about moving here if you are conservative. You will not fit in, and you will be harassed. Things in the metro area are very strictly liberal. The place has robots as people these days, and the Seattle Freeze is very much alive. If you get “excited” when you actually meet or talk to someone who has a personality, that is just sad.

We have lived here six years, and the fast destruction of the area has really hit the past three years. Downtown Seattle has even been ruined for tourists. If you don’t mind all the druggies, needles and street people constantly bothering you and leaving their paraphernalia around the area, you might fit right in. The area has become a DUMP.

If you are a victim of a crime by one of the homeless or druggies, don’t expect your rights to be protected before the criminal’s rights—it does not happen that way in the Seattle metro area (again, the liberal policies). The City is “used” every day by lazy people who come here to take full advantage of all free programs offered them—so they do not have to waste their days working. Oh, no, they would rather gouge the system and use every government program (which you pay for if you are a working individual). The people who go get their daily drug fixes at the meth clinics in town brag about how they use the system to its fullest here. By the way, all taxis to/from the meth clinics on a daily basis are paid for by the tax-paying citizens of WA, not by the people riding in them. The individuals are not forced to use the bus system (even if there are multiple routes next to the clinics; they can hire a taxi and ride in style, at your expense—more liberal crap).

Do NOT move here without a job. Unless you know someone on the inside of a company, jobs can be hard to get here. Many tech corporations are located here, and they get most of their work force from foreign countries. These engineers come in making much money, and they have driven the cost of living up ridiculously high. You now have to pay more for a one-bedroom apartment than you would pay 10 miles outside of NYC! And, Seattle isn’t anything like NYC! If you rent, expect that your rent will be raised every year at least $100-300+ a month. None of the apartment communities care whether you stay a resident or leave. They will not work with you. Home prices, on the average for a 3/2, start at $700,000 (to get a decent neighborhood, and that’s nothing special). You will need to spend a million to get a good home. The Eastside of the metro area is a little bit better, but has also now been affected by the severe homeless problem, druggie problem, and extensive crime. (Realize that the good people of the Seattle Police Dept. have had their hands tied by the psycho people in government who are in charge; they are NOT allowed to do their jobs properly any longer. If they try to do so, their jobs are threatened or they are sued.)

And, the homeless and druggies convinced the City Council and other idiots who make the bad decisions here that they should not be forced to live in areas that were not so nice (this is in the free housing that has been furnished to these people). So, all areas of what used to be the nice and safe Eastside have now had homeless apartments built there, and some of these residents now commit crimes and stalk people in normal store parking lots (this never happened before they all moved in three years ago). So, you move to the Eastside, pay a little more for housing to be safe, and they move these apts. over to your area, now with more crime. What’s the use of paying all the extra money to live in a “safe” area?

The area is very beautiful as far as outdoor scenery. And, the weather is fairly mild for most of the year; but, that is not enough to keep most transplants here. They usually leave between one and five years of being here. There are other, nicer cities, where you don’t have to put up with all the cons of the Seattle metro area—try the Midwest or the East coast.

The stupid people who run these cities and states into the ground need to be taught that the American people are fed up with it. Do not take your vacations in these areas—take your money elsewhere—to the Midwest or the East coast. The entire West coast has been ruined (all blue states). We agree with the poster who said it’s smart to ‘have a back-up plan.’

Bebe | Bellevue, WA
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Really?! Seriously?! Go try and live in the Republican paradise of Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma or any other majority conservative state. They have higher mortality rates, lower literacy rates, higher violent crime rates, worst healthcare OUTCOMES, greatest chances of dying at a young age from ALL CAUSES, lowest happiness index rates of any states in the U.S. I could go on and on and on.... I do not know what the hell you Republicans are smokin' but it sure is worse than legal marijuana.... Oh yeah, you would rather have the highest alcoholism and gun death rates instead of legalization. Have fun in your inexpensive conservative paradise....
ANTHONY | San Jose, CA

The couple other posters’ replies below prove the point. In the Seattle metro area, you seem to be totally unable to have two people who have differences of opinion about social issues and politics, but can still get along, work together, etc. Instead of the other people acting like normal human beings, they start behaving badly by calling names, swearing at you, and will even take stickers that they don’t like off your car and tear them up (how mature, eh?). So much for fellow Americans living together in peace. This is still a freedom-of-speech country, and people are all entitled to their opinions—take them or leave them.
Anonymous | Federal Way, WA

Guess you are one of the poorly educated, and Trump lover? You are welcome to live in the Trump hotels you retard.
depl | Seattle, WA

Apparently this site needs a moderator because some people have no idea what the word "constructive" means and don't know how to behave in civilized circles. This is the response, typical of many on the left these days, given to a very thoughtful, if critical, description of what they found objectionable in the city of Seattle. Quote: "Guess you are one of the poorly educated, and Trump lover? You are welcome to live in the Trump hotels you retard. depl | Seattle, WA "If Seattle angers all conservatives this much, then it sounds like a resounding endorsement to me." Shut the fuck up you Seattle piece of shit Tom L. |" Unquote
Holly | Brighton, MI

If Seattle angers all conservatives this much, then it sounds like a resounding endorsement to me.
Thomas | Wytheville, VA

I agree 100% Seattle use to be a great city but what the liberal policy have done to this city actually makes me want to vomit..through the Obama presidency.. totally down hill ..and the last 3or4 yrs jhas sent it to Hell. Seattle is a shit hole city. Although it is sorrounded by the most beautiful landcape in the world that is not enough to keep me here any longer. It use to be that because it is so beautiful I could put up with the Democrats but they have completely destroyed downtown Seattle. The Democrats in Seattle are seriously a bunch of freaks and that goes for the whole Democratic party in America. I would really like to know why and when did the Democratic party become so damn STUPID
Wayne | Portland, OR

Thank you for writing this post. I have lived in downtown Seattle for 3 years and feel the same way. Perhaps Colorado cities like Denver or Boulder might be better places for liberal people who want a safe neighborhood to raise a family.
Alexandre | Seattle, WA
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