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Review of Holland, Michigan

More for the the younger marrieds, with kids, or p
Star Rating - 9/28/2010
My husband and I are childless,and have lived in this area for almost close to 17 years, and we have found that it is geared more toward younger couples , just married, with a stronger financial background, and who already have kids, or are planning on starting a family. There is not much to do here for people who are approaching retirement age, and if you like going to work, and just going home, after wards,that's all it offers. Very self-absorbed, yuppie, "me first" attitudes. We are definitely considering moving from here and not returning.Crime rate is very bad here, and getting worse. Gangs everywhere. Used to be a very nice place back in the early 90's.Unemployment is way higher than the national average, and the drivers need a lesson in road manners. We have not been able to secure any higher paying jobs, because we don't have an IN, and if are not 100 percent Dutch, which is very predominate, here. My advice? Live elsewhere!
Pam 1957 | Zeeland, MI
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