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UFT members and Admin are corrupt!
Star Rating - 3/3/2017
Giving Michelle White an award for failing at her job and the school closing or perhaps for doing Voodoo in the class rooms and covering it up with a $10k fine? I believe it was recorded by the school cameras. The admin is stealing money from the students too and giving it to each other in bonuses. The entire staff knows what is going on, but Admin is participating in these nasty acts and covers it up. Virginia Tomlinson is suing the UFT AGAIN... and you people are bringing her back as the Special Education Coordinator? She hasn't done her job ever, she doesn't know how and there is PROOF. She doesn't work, it makes others work harder and you're still paying her? Wow!! We are going to mail and e-mail our stories that have occurred at the UFT to a dozen different reporters and any one else who is interested. We will post them all online on any related UFT message boards and through social media. You're nasty people at the UFT and members of the schools administration. You know what is going on, of course, because you're part of the problem. Ya been warned, now get ready to have your names and deeds made public.
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- 9/27/2018
It's All About Brooklyn!!!
I looooooove Brooklyn! So much culture! So many options of restaurants! So much diversity....
Briana | Stamford, CT | No Replies

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