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Star Rating - 8/8/2011
january 24,2003 was when i arrived in oakland.i have fond memories there people were very helpful towards me,non biased treated me like the norm.when i was looking to find a place to get insurance the lady on the bus was helpful and told me where it was.also when i was looking for a church this young white lady invited me to her church but also told me of churches where young black men be at.that was helpful since im black myself.people of all ethnicities would speak to me in my neighborhood. sequoyah community church was the best church ived been.really nice people and a diversed church made me felt wanted and appreciated. i was sad when i had to leave oakland,no where ive lived was good to me like oakland. oakland is a culturally sensitive diversed city which i liked,the nbas warriors have loyal fans.
dan | Pine Hills, FL
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