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Star Rating - 4/2/2009
Apex is perfect for what you are looking for. It's close enough to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill to find a job and Cary the next town over, is a little more expensive but they have everything you would need, parks, bowling, and skating. If you are looking for a good school system, stay in Wake/Durham/Orange county. CHeck out for help. Clubbing and restaurants in downtown (both Ral & Dur) only 15 minutes away. Right now jobs are tough everywhere but I am sure you can find something
NC For Me | Apex, NC
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Hi NC, I'm looking to move to a dry sunny place where "the weather suits my clothes". I'm living in Northern Canada and while the air and water is clean and it is very beautiful, I am having trouble with the ever changing weather. Perhaps you would know of some job opportunities, and if so, could give me some suggestions. It's nice to read a positive note on NM. I come from a Northern town in Canada where the indigenous population is greater than the whites, and I have no issue with this at all. I just want heat and sun. I have seen a job posting for University of New Mexico, and I have all of the credentials. The pay scale is not advertised, but according to a website called "Payscale" it is $21,000 to $37,000 which is meaningless to me as the cost of living here is very high, with administrative assistants making about $20,000 more annually! So, I noticed you are happy there, and thought you would be a good person to ask. To rent and live comfortably (I'm not a consumer), how much would a single person need to make annually, approximately? Thanks in advance if you answer me!
Sylvia | Ogden, UT

Humid as can be/rain all the are delirious.
cloudweller | Pittsburgh, PA

OMG - stay away from that area! Lived there for 10 years - they still hate yankees, feel righteous about being christian (Ira), and are mostly just as poorly educated as a whole. I lived in preppy Cary, and they do care about your house, car, clothes, etc. SNOBS. However, you are what you make of where you live. If you are unhappy here, you will probably be unhappy everywhere else too. Happiness is a state of mind, not a state of the usa.
Beth | Tucson, AZ

For that person that was in Durham in 2011: you won't recognize it now, that's all there is to say.
gricelle | Durham, NC

Apex near Cary, also called Concetration Area for Relocated Yankees in these parts. My husband being one of those, was sold a place in remote Apex. Again, walking distance to no-where and nothing there to do except to get in the car and drive to Durham or Raleigh.
gricelle | Durham, NC

All I can say is stay away from Scranton Pennsylvania, people tell you how nice it is there lying all you have to do is Google Scranton PA they went broke they were paying the government officials minimum wage so if your local government doesn’t have any money where does that leave the people?:( :( just think about it do you investigation before you put your furniture on any type of U-Haul truck.
larry | Scranton, PA

would try Virginia, Or North Carolina, Not Savannah, High crime, schools not good, high food, and they only want the people that have money here, not just normal people. We have been treated absolutely horrible, and we are going to move and get out, we've only been here a few months, and honestly it's been a nightmare.
lts | Savannah, GA

You are kidding. We are from the CAry area, and would not even begin to compare Cocoa, Florida, to Apex and Cary. The population demographics are like night and day. People interested in Cocoa must be attracted to the super low cost of living. You will not get that in Cary and Apex, North Carolina.
Veronica | Melbourne, FL

I have visited Brevard, and have lived in Cary (next to Apex). For a family, can't imagine moving to Brevard because there are no jobs. Perhaps if you are a nursing assistant, but other than that, are no jobs. Apex and Cary have plenty of families and activities, and more jobs than most places in the U.S.. Being that you are single, you would have to be in a large place like the Apex/Raleigh areas to meet other single adults.
Veronica | Melbourne, FL

Durham, NC is an absolute DUMP! I seriously can't believe anyone would send their kid to Duke, or UNC! I left the Duke campus one night about 10:00 pm and didn't dare pull over to a convenience store on the drag outside the gate for fear of being mugged.
Jim James | Austin, TX

People come onto these sites to have questions answered not personal advice! People are so rude! Where you live does affect your life, productivity etc. everywhere is different/ economically etc
Queen | Springdale, AR

The Raleigh and surrounding areas are very nice. Raleigh is a larger city with a small town feel. I live in north Raleigh and never have to travel more than 5 miles to get to everything I need. It is like a small town within a larger city. It has a lot to offer and I have always been happy here.
Susan | Raleigh, NC

hey, how do you like apex so far? Theres stuff for younger kids, how about you? besides eating and drinking are you finding enough activity? I am frustrated here, bars and church seem to be only things to do. What do you find?
javascript | Raleigh, NC
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