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Terrible place to live!
Star Rating - 7/19/2021
Moved here five years ago and am ready to glorified college town! The rent is increasing astronomically, as are property taxes. The traffic is terrible and increasing because city leaders are not doing enough to accommodate the modest population growth. There are too many transplants from Milwaukee and Chicago bring crime into this once safe city. Due to Madison's extreme liberalism, the mayor cut $2 million to the local police department. Good luck being a conservative in Madison (or anywhere in Dane County, really). West Madison and Middleton are the epitome of limousine liberalism - you know, rich people who have "all are welcome" yard signs all while living in the least diverse neighborhoods and sending their kids to very segregated schools. The Madison area is nothing but a group think metro full of people who look down on rural people or anyone who isn't at least left of center. Ready to get out of here!
Mark | Milwaukee, WI
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They hate poor white people here in Madison, but they let teenagers drive up and down East Washington shooting guns in the air and they claim they can't do anything about it. The property developers beat the city that I grew up in with an ugly stick. Liberal or conservative--the local politicians are utterly useless at doing anything. Also there are too many upper middle class "professionals", universally spoiled and arrogant. The local music is terrible. If you want to see good music you need to go to Milwaukee, Chicago or Minneapolis. The rent is high. The economy is based on an enormous population of invisible service workers. The main employer is the state/university. These professional class people made out like bandits while wages stagnated for everyone else. The entire state sector has been in a thirty year long wage slump. The non-state parts of the economy involve insurance companies and health care stuff. If you don't like things related to that, you might not want to live here. If you hate insurance, hospitals and a non-rigorous education. The undergraduate school isn't good. The foreign language programs aren't good. The hottest programs are business, computer science and health care related stuff. It makes for a place that is culturally dead. There is a difference of perception here that is largely dependent on social class. People love all the bike paths, but you wont love the bicyclists when you are working three jobs for two temp agencies to pay sky high rent and you need to get to the other side of town and some worthless overpaid dipshit is riding is overpriced bicycle around in circles in the middle of an intersection. The mayor is an LGBTQPHRF+ person I guess, but she let the US Air Force and another private business which shall not be named poison the north side well water without saying or even trying to do anything about it. As a reward she gets to sit on the national EPA advisory council. The BLM protests were curious thing, most of the rioters came from the suburbs. Two of the people arrested were school teachers from Mount Horeb, the third a so-called "organizer" of a group called the "Party of Socialism and Liberation" showed up and started extorting money from local businesses. People bring the stupid here with them, we didn't just grow it ourselves. I'm a leftist, a real leftist to the left of and hostile to the Democratic Party. I can't stand the liberals here either. When it comes to actually looking out for their people, they don't do anything. Behind that rainbow flag lies a bunch of phony property developers and liberal war supporters who pretend that bombing people in Syria somehow "protects" Syrians. One transgender person dies and it is a crime, a million people die in a war they studiously ignored for twenty years and it never happened. At least with conservatives I get some actual honesty, if not outright hostility. It's a service based economy that doesn't produce anything. The main activities are going to mediocre restaurants, drinking too much, and listening to poorly played music. If you are an artist, you'll need to move to Chicago, or anywhere else. It has the best farmers market in the state, but if you work for a living you'll be shopping at Woodman's with the rotten produce and grey meat. Even the grocery stores give the best food to the expensive stores, and the worst to everyone else. They will buy a condo in a flood plain, push out the locals, and complain when their lexus ends up flooded in a rainstorm. They then will blame global warming. The lakes in the city have gotten worse over the years. The lake by the university stinks like a sewer unless it is frozen over. It could be cleaned up with natural shoreline restoration and working with other communities to clean up the watershed. Instead they do nothing and then blame everything, from pollution to covid on the folks living in the surrounding county. There is an increase in shootings in the city. Again, the politicians downtown don't care about what happens in outlying neighborhoods. A person gets robbed in their own home by juveniles who are immediately released, only getting in real trouble when they bother to rob someone downtown. The rich people brought the crime with them. I was poor in this city well before all this, we lived and went about our business without lots of crime. Liberal yuppie fools came and ruined it.
Aaron | Madison, WI | Report Abuse

People complain about increased crime every year in every city....and there is no relationship between those complaints and the direction of crime. Madison is still one of the safest cities of its size in the country. If you are afraid here, you should probably go live in the woods by yourself.
Tom | Madison, WI | Report Abuse
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