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Star Rating - 8/16/2008
Cullman is about 45 minutes south of Huntsville and 45 minutes north of Birmingham. Cullman is a town that never changes and always stays the same. Cullman doesn't grow or move forward. It has a new shopping center, but the new shopping center has caused the other centers to be empty, vacant, and a reminder that there is no growth in Cullman. Cullman doesn't have good restaurants and it lacks culture. There are very good friendly people in Cullman, but it has an abundance of trashy redneck people who seem ignorant and uneducated. If you are looking for a quaint small town filled with shops and coffee houses, this is NOT the town for you! If you are looking for a place with great jobs, this is NOT the place for you! If you are looking for a palce where Wal-Mart is considered the life of the town, then you will love Cullman.
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I totally agree. I don't live that far from cullman and have been there enough to say that the place sucks. Including the town I live in which I will leave unannounced
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that is a little harsh, however somethings you wrote are very true. I'm from Cullman, and I love it!
Dustin | Cullman, AL | Send Message
- 3/19/2011
recently legalized alcohol sales
I'm very hopeful that the recent Alcohol Legalization will bring in more business such as ...
Dustin | Cullman, AL | No Replies

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