Review of Prunedale, California

Practically next door to Monterey
Star Rating - 2/3/2014
Before I lived in Prunedale, I said I would never live here. I had lived in Carmel Valley & Carmel, originally living in Visalia, CA. Commuting over to Monterey didn't even take me through Prunedale, although it is so accessible to HWY 101. Coming from North 101, you pass right through Prunedale without really even knowing you have. Guess it was just the name that turned me off, but hey as a youngster I once lived in Farmersville. Now that was a name I did not care for. I learned that there really is not so much in a name to justify rejection without any knowledge of a place, and I am grateful I did find out. This is one of the perfect places. If you commute to Silicone Valley, it brings you closer by thirty minutes, whereas living in Monterey makes the trip longer by thirty minutes. And the weather here is fabulous, so often it feels like Spring time. Only about ten miles from the ocean but it feels like five if driving to it for some reason. Think the scenery just makes the drive so nice that you are at the ocean before you know it. I now would choose to live here over the coastal towns of Marina and Seaside which are right next to Monterey, but often fogged in. If you're ever driving to Monterey from HWY 101 North, pay attention as you take the right hand junction that says Monterey Penninsula. You'll be in Prundale and could easily miss even knowing you are there.
Sandra | Prunedale, CA
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