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Be Careful what you wish for
Star Rating - 6/12/2016
We moved here from western NY last year. It was hard to leave a solid school system, a house almost paid for, with a yard, and NO HOA. However, jobs were just not there for us. Moving the kids was the hardest part. Now it's been one school year done and I am just not impressed. My kids were given material they already learned in NY. They were bored. So, we make up for it at home and try to get them into classes more appropriate, which is difficult. The teachers in our previous schools in NY were more than happy to offer enrichment opportunities.

I know everyone is different. I'm not trying to rant. There is so much hype for this place. Some love it and that's great. We have family here who absolutely love it. I'm speaking for myself and our family. We prefer a small town feel, a strong school system that isn't so focused on it's appearance, and space to breathe! It is truly crowded here. Museums and other things to do are thirty minutes or so away, unless you want to go shopping. The grocery stores . . . Wegmans can't get here fast enough.

Just really think about it first and visit. I'm realizing the grass isn't always greener, and maybe the snow isn't so bad.

Jules | Apex, NC
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