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Why Come to the Smokey Mountains
Star Rating - 5/4/2008
Welcome! That is how you feel ,whether you are a visitor to the Great Smokey Mountains or you are a new resident. Enjoy! Yes enjoy the four mild seasons. There is beauty in every season of the year ,and we are truly blessed with mild changes .No drastic highs or lows and we are sheltered from tornadoes ,hurricanes,heavy snows, oppresive humidity and scorching temperatures.A favorite saying here in East Tennessee is ,"if you don't like today's weather ,stick around it is about to changs".
Add to that, we have low taxes ,steady jobs (many in tourism and industry ,but also technological skills)and a steady 3-8% appreciation in our homes.Crime is low,folks still tend to leave their doors open ,and we speak to our neighbors as well as watch-out for each other.There is cultural as well as ethnic diversity,but RESPECT is practiced on a daily bases.
GO VOLS!!!The BIG ORANGE!!!! Sports fans ! We have some of the MOST loyal in the country. Pick your sport ,we have them all!
I invite everyone to come see us and I gaurentee, ya'll will come back!!!
Debora | Sevierville, TN
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- 11/30/2020
Hypocrisy at its finest.
Sevier County many churches, yet so little religion. Let it be known that Sevier C...
Cathey | Sevierville, TN | 5 Replies

- 3/25/2020
Read this before moving here
I have lived in Sevierville my entire life 10-15 years ago it was the absolutely best plac...
Tyler | Sevierville, TN | 1 Reply

- 7/3/2010
nice place...
Tony | Sevierville, TN | No Replies

- 6/3/2009
Life in Sevierville
To start things I am not originally from Sevierville or TN for that matter, I am from OH (...
Wes | Sevierville, TN | No Replies

- 6/17/2008
new to area
We moved to the Sevierville area 10 months ago. The culture here stays true to it's mount...
tennewbie | Kodak, TN | No Replies

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