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you might want to rethink about this..............
Star Rating - 7/12/2006
Post Falls used to be a nice little town and still is but the whole area is becoming more of a retirement community and wages in Idaho are terrible. They are still in the ice ages and minimum wage is only $5.15 where Washington and Oregon are both over $7.50 an hour. There are not enough jobs to support those who are younger and trying to make a living, especially if you want to make more than that measely minimum wage. Idaho is a right to work state, and boy don't the employers know it. They don't have to pay you more than the minimum wage or offer you regular breaks and lunches, and they won't. You have the right to work, not the right to be paid fairly or treated fairly like most other places living in the year 2006.There you should just consider yourself lucky to have a job, you don't really need a lunch if you work a 10 hour day, right?! So, if you already have money or are looking to retire, it's a great place, but if you are trying to support a family or looking to make a decent living, keep looking.
rene | Washougal, WA
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