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Good place to live
Star Rating - 3/10/2013
I am not promoting Pueblo as a place to move to, in fact most of us are happy with the size of our town. The reason for this post is to counter some of the posts I have seen on this site.

I was born and raised in Pueblo so living in this community I believe I do know enough about it to share an understanding of my home town.

I have lived in Denver, Southern California, Seattle, and have spent time back east so my experience is not just of Pueblo

What does Pueblo offer that other cities don’t? It is as simple as someone unknown to you saying hello while standing in line at the check out. Most people from Pueblo are friendly. They are not out to impress. They are excepting of those who are different.
The crime rate, if you look at the numbers is not any higher then towns for this size. I feel safe most anywhere in the community..

All my children graduated from Pueblo schools an went on to higher education. Teaching, nursing, and law-enforcement. 3 of my grand children have or getting ready to Graduate from CSU-Pueblo. So education in town I feel is good.
I have only one child that has moved away.He and his family live in Denver, but comes down to Pueblo often, staying close to friends and family.

I have become friends with those who have moved to Pueblo, due to work and when they retired elected to stay. It is friendly, comfortable, cost of living is good and the climate is great. Many of their family members have also moved here as well.

If you want all the things a big city offers Pueblo is not the place. For that you would have to travel to Springs or Denver, but if you are looking for a places that offers a feel of small town with many of the things of a bigger city then Pueblo is the place.

Mike | Pueblo, CO
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I would like to consider Pueblo as we want to leave the rural mountain area we love but are aging out of, so to speak. However, with a violent crime rate of 75,(New York city is safer at 64) and endless nightly news reports of our multi-cultural brothers driving around with guns blazing, I'm about to rule it out. And having spent decades in the D.C. area there is no escaping crime if the authorities are accepting of it, as seems to be the case in Pueblo.
Tim | Florissant, CO | Report Abuse

Pueblo has the highest violent crime rate in Colorado. Facts and numbers don't lie. People lie. 'nuf said.
jon | Pueblo, CO | Report Abuse

Pueblo is nothing but trashy, ghetto minded. We're moving out as soon as we can up to Denver. Mindset here is sickening; young people have no desire to finish high school, no job, no future, no desire to better themselves for a future, nothing to do but stay home and breed babies they can't support with no job, the girls spend what little money they have on trashy tacky 'designer' clothes for top dollar and then have to sell those clothes on Facebook in 2 weeks to buy diapers or baby formula for the kids they cant afford while they let their bills go unpaid so they can buy more cheap tacky jewelry to attract some possible baby daddy with some money who can breed another baby none of them can afford to take care of. That's Pueblo.
Mari | Pueblo, CO | Report Abuse
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