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Watertown, NY
Star Rating - 11/7/2008
As a city primarily filled and flourished with military families, Watertown is a decent place to live. Because of the population influx from military families, the town tries to grow with the addition of chain businesses such as Target, Walmart, GAP, etc. However, they have a long way to go. The locals are usually blown away at the growth and development of the city. But coming from any other REAL city, Watertown is really a blip on the map. Lack of a city feel and development aside, the surrounding areas are truly beautiful. The 1000 Islands region is great, Alexandria is decent, the Adirondacks are supposed to be amazing. Anyone who is looking to get away from a city yet have some of the accommodations of one near by, Watertown would work out well for you.
Jaymes | Watertown, NY | Send Message
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