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Star Rating - 11/12/2014
I'm from California, oops , well sorry for invading Washington but while CA has great weather it falls short in quality of life. Gig Harbor is a nice community that offers a lot. It has beauty, mild climate, low crime, good schools, a beautiful waterfront and on and on. (don't believe the crime reports, those always include Purdy, Gig Harbor isn't Purdy) Yes, the winters are grey and wet. Took me some time getting used to it coming from California. But having spent time in NY & Chicago let me you I've never had to shovel the rain out of my driveway. It just runs right off all by itself. It's pretty much like London weather. Many nice days from April to Oct. Nov to March is yuk. But so is NY and London. I love it here. Every time I go back to CA I remember why I left CA. The only thing they haven't ruined in CA is the weather. If WA had CA weather, then Gig Harbor would have been ruined too. But it hasn't, it's a beautiful community.
Takumaru | Gig Harbor, WA | Send Message
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