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New Jersey after 10 years of residency.
Star Rating - 7/24/2019
I have lived in New Jersey for 10 years and its has been very tough to get by, high cost of food, High tax, Rent on average is about 1900 a month, housing costs for a condo or town home are 299k to 400k depending on the area. I dont drive a car because i cant afford the extra cost of owning a car at the moment so i have to take Lyft to and from work witch is breaking the bank as well. I thought about making a move for a few years but its tough when you cant save money you and your bills rack up and at the end of the week you have very little left over. I would not recommend moving to NJ unless you have a job that pays over 90k and you have all your finances in order. NJ its not a place for an ordinary Family or single person.
Theodore | Elizabeth, NJ
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- 4/30/2020
Horrible weather , high taxes .corrupt politician
On average, there are 206 sunny days per year in New JerseyWhere the heck did they get tha...
Leo | Secaucus, NJ | No Replies

- 2/14/2016
Property Taxes are crazy high...
Mike | Manahawkin, NJ | No Replies

- 9/12/2015
I live in Linden. Ilook at Sperling's reviews often. I like Linden.However how can Linden'...
derick | Linden, NJ | No Replies

- 9/8/2015
Cowboy over a Barrel
Taxes, taxes and more taxes.. They have yet to come up with a tax to breath the filthy air...
David | Bridgewater, NJ | No Replies

- 8/15/2015
dont move here
your gonna get killed in taxes...
chris | Fairfield, NJ | No Replies

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