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Don't move here!
Star Rating - 3/16/2021
I retired to Redding 6 years ago and I can truthfully say that I made a huge mistake. If you are looking to move to an area that has; thriving arts scene, gourmet dining, cultural diversity, an enlightened forward thinking community, politicians that are a credit to their community, DO NOT move to Redding. Redding is an ultra-conservative community with virtually zero cultural diversity. The city of Redding is filled with boarded up businesses, homeless everywhere, open drug dealing, one of the highest rates of car theft in Calif. Redding has 1 bookstore....Barnes & Nobel, 1 wine shop...BevMo, no art galleries downtown & very little thriving retail. A city of 100,000 people and 1 bookstore should tell you volumes about the intelec of this community. The Congressman that represents this area voted to overturn our Presidental election, is a science denier, supports QAnon insanity & has refuse repeatedly to denounce White Supremacy. Redding is in the grip of Bethel organization that promotes gay conversion with prayer and resurecting the dead. Bethel has permeated our city & county gov't. They are powerful and a curse on this part of Calif. Our local , City& County, politicians continually talk about " protecting our Second Amendment Rights.....while refusing to wear masks and ignoring the multitude of problems in our community. This is Trump country & damn proud of it! Disgusting!
arne | Redding, CA
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THANK you for the heads up! I was looking to retire around there because I see the house prices are low and thought it was just because of the fire damage and danger. It now sounds like a total nightmare in every aspect. I know there are conservative (radical right wing) communities around, but I was just checking to see how bad the crime rate is there. I didn't know everything was as bad as all that, and indeed it's all that is wrong with America today for sure. I see some glowing reviews from others who tout "growth" etc, but cancer grows too so that's not saying anything good. I'm sure now where they're coming from and I'm not going there. I am glad to stay as far away as possible now and I hope "Trump country" eventually implodes on itself.
Albert | Port Hueneme, CA | Report Abuse

You obviously did not do much research prior to retiring there. None of these issues are hidden and many are not unique to Redding
John | San Clemente, CA | Report Abuse

HAMC is there now. seems this webpage wants to not publish replies.
Bobby | | Report Abuse

You don’t mention the beautiful walking and biking trails, the mountains, rivers, lakes, the wildlife, and just the beauty of the area. Have you heard of Amazon for ordering books? We do have internet here in case you don’t know. It sounds like your only form of entertainment is eating out at restaurants which means you just stay inside like a couch potato. It probably doesn’t matter where you live, and maybe you should move away.
Slub | Redding, CA | Report Abuse
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