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It keeps getting better...
Star Rating - 2/2/2010
But it was never that good to begin with. The town used to be pretty run down, but it at least had some factory jobs. Those are gone now, with unsightly buildings with broken out windows begging to be condemned sprinkled throughout the city. Recently the place got a WalGreens, and a new bridge, and an awesome 8 mile bike trail. There was also a pretty major road improvement project which was much needed and appreciated by me.

Unfortunately there is NOTHING to do in the podunk town at all! There are several solid restaurants and bars, like most Wisconsin cities of 10,000 plus, and that is it. No arcade or movie theater. No book store. No nothing, really. You can rent movies or wait around for something like SummerFest or EthnicFest or AppleFest or Oktoberfest or Riverwalk, the 5 things that the city uses to con you into thinking you aren't in a dead, painfully slow and boring part of East Nowhere, Wisconsin.

The shopping is horrid, too, the nearest mall being about 15 miles away, that is a total slum mall to boot. The owners have been waiting for it to get condemned and bought out by the state or federal government but it has been ten long, ugly, and unsightly years and that day has yet to come. Most days you drop a ten ten bomb on any of the three mall parking lots and not so much as harm a single soul.

The people are friendly enough so you don't have to worry about that. Its just that I have no idea how this place supports 12,000 people because there is pretty much nothing going on.

Finally, the place is half and half. The first half, East Two Rivers, is run down and drab. Cheap, hideously painted housing sitting in the middle of nowhere with dinky lawns with dead spots and dog turds all over them. The other is very hoity toity, 100K plus housing, all scenic with trees and gardenias and all that nonsense. I grew up in East Two Rivers, back when the place totally blew.

Just stay away. There is nothing there for you or anyone really.
Hunter | Two Rivers, WI
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