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Love it!
Star Rating - 12/8/2017
Freeport is a nice small city. Some people call it boring but I like quiet and peace. People seem to keep to themselves here in freeport and I don't mind that at all because I am like that myself.
Jamie | Freeport, IL
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- 5/1/2021
Freeport... The Sunny Valley Town!!!
I bought a house here in 2018. It was the best decision of my life. My life is so much bet...
Jacqueline | Freeport, IL | No Replies

- 1/9/2019
I like Freeport I just don't like what it's become
I've lived here since the mid 1970's and only moved away for a short time before returning...
Ed | Freeport, IL | 3 Replies

- 4/15/2016
Very Affordable
Having lived in cities many times this size, Freeport offers a very affordable lifestyle. ...
Scott | Freeport, IL | No Replies

- 3/9/2016
Exciting improvements being made!
This is an exciting time to live and visit Freeport, Illinois! With one of the most beauti...
Danielle | Freeport, IL | 1 Reply

- 2/8/2014
freeport was once a rather nice place.
I have to agree with the other postings on here. Freeport is great decline. I have never s...
Johnnie | Freeport, IL | 1 Reply

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