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Dead City.
Star Rating - 6/4/2019
Sick city. Dying city. Too many drugs, homeless, murder, rape, drive-by shootings and gangland activity. Panhandlers and hapless people litter the streets and sidewalks, defecating, urinating and littering where they reside, directly in the path of visitors and residents. The stench is overwhelming. This city was once a utopia...a fun place...a safe and interesting place. It takes the "special" out of everything when one must be vigilant 24/7. Watch your back in Seattle. You couldn't pay me to visit or live there.
Don | Sequim, WA
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This issue with corruption at the highest levels isn't limited to what you would see on the streets. The current trend in Seattle is all about giving drug addicts and homeless folks a haven to be enabled. The political climate of "Liberal-leaning" in Seattle has ended in serious crimes and misdemeanors with no recourse. The reason why the powers are not doing their jobs is because they have been coordinated not to by the Seattle City Council. If you are reading this message, do not vote for any of the current members of the Seattle City Council. Extreme Liberal Politics are ineffective and unsafe. Don't make the mistake again by voting for any of these people. They do not and never will have your best interest.
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Your Anti-Canadianism shows your ignorance of the Country of Canada. Go back to reading an Anti-Semitic Publication that you got that BS from "Ralph". Etymology First attested in a 1993 article in the US anti-Semitic publication The Liberty Bell.[1] Subsequently (and apparently independently) used by American conservative political commentator Pat Buchanan on the October 31, 2002 episode of his MSNBC television show, in reaction to Canadian objection to a U.S. law mandating Arab-Canadian visitors to the U.S. be photographed and fingerprinted.[2] Proper noun Soviet Canuckistan (informal, derogatory or humorous) Canada.
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you should take a look at Lake Charles, Louisiana. I grew up there and its almost as crappy as Seattle is now. higher crime rates
John | Gatlinburg, TN

in terms of Seattle...I blame the schools. and possibly the Canadian influence? too many transplants and such....etc
John | Gatlinburg, TN

When we first moved to Seattle in 2001 it was really nice. Now it is very bad. Crime is outrageous, rent and housing is sky high, traffic and congestion is so bad you spend hours a day trying to get around the city, not to mention the homelessness and drug epidemic. Most people here are either very wealthy or just struggling day to day to make it. Rent is so expensive its impossible to save for a house and even if you could, housing prices are so out of reach most cannot afford it. Not a nice place to live!
Troy | Marysville, WA
- 6/22/2019
As a Cajun from Louisiana state
It's a dump. It is only a city made to feed off and take from it's own people. The people ...
Ralph | Vancouver, WA | 4 Replies

- 6/18/2019
Not the city it used to be
Live in Denver but Just got back from a weekend trip to Seattle with my wife. We were atte...
Jason | Evergreen, CO | 1 Reply

- 5/22/2019
Governed itself onto the Worst places to live list
My wife and I were raised here, we raised our family here, unfortunately it has been compl...
Michael | Bonney Lake, WA | 1 Reply

- 4/5/2019
Great city
I can't even believe these people complaining about Seattle... Lol. Seriously? There ar...
Merrick | Seattle, WA | 15 Replies

- 3/27/2019
A City On A Moral and Cultural Decline...
Substance Abuse, crime ( 10% conviciton rate for city ) heroin addicts shooting up on side...
Dave | Marion, MA | 2 Replies

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