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Still a low crime area
Star Rating - 6/16/2008
I first moved to San Clemente in 1974 from the Los Angeles area. Three things struck me at the time as being radically different than LA: Things closed down earlier, there was noticeably less traffic and congestion and there was very little petty crime. In fact, people often left their cars and houses unlocked, which amazed me.

I moved back in 2007 and the city has changed in a lot of ways. It is crowded and there is a lot more things to do now, but the crime is still relatively low.
Steve | San Clemente, CA
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- 4/8/2011
San Clemente Review
First, the big plus of San Clemente is the weather. It is wonderful and most of the time y...
GaryP | Mission Viejo, CA | 1 Reply

- 10/21/2008
murder rate up
2005, 2006, 2007 one homicide 2008 8+...
brandon | San Clemente, CA | No Replies

- 5/13/2008
Best Weather
San Clemente has the best weather in the country. The atmosphere around the city is nice a...
Ryan | New York, NY | No Replies

- 2/19/2008
San Clemente
San Clemente still retains the feel of a small beach town although its population is growi...
randy | San Clemente, CA | No Replies

- 4/2/2007
San Clemente
Great beach town with a great community....
Jessica | San Clemente, CA | No Replies

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