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Elizabeth City's climate
Star Rating - 11/13/2010
There are four seasons here in Elizabeth City, the winters are usually moderate, there may be 3-4 weeks of cold weather,in the teens & 20's toward Jan/Feb. The spring comes in a little chilly but by mid April-May the temperature is usually around 65-70 degrees. the summers are also moderate, there may be 3-4 weeks of temps in the 90-100 degree range but not always consecutive, usually in late July & August. The fall season is nice like the spring, temps are usually 60's & 70's through to October, by November, maybe 50's & 60's and 50's to 40's in Dec.
abg | Elizabeth City, NC
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- 10/23/2019
love this city
I lived in this city my whole life and is love it....
chandler | Vancouver, WA | 1 Reply

- 1/28/2012
how to make it a little better
let me start by saying yes i was once part of the crime issues in my city i love to now ca...
TRACY | Elizabeth City, NC | No Replies

- 1/5/2012
growth asap
Elizabeth city has has alot of potiential square feet wise that is. Other than that the ci...
Bp | Elizabeth City, NC | No Replies

- 9/9/2009
I like Elizabeth City
I spend most of my life in Elizabeth City. It is a great place to live and most of my fami...
Jacob | Elizabeth City, NC | No Replies

- 1/5/2008
I wish I could explain living in EC. I really have nothing to compare it to, since I have ...
Clara | Elizabeth City, NC | 1 Reply

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