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Nice Mountain Town
Star Rating - 3/3/2016
I still like Woodland Park, CO and despite the fact that I went through a terrible divorce there, its a beautiful and quaint little place to live.

You do need some money to live there. My spouse and I were moderate income and often found our income inadequate there.

I never made close friends there which was a problem. But I did love the nature and forest and mountain settings - plenty of places to retreat when things were not going too well.

I also had some volunteer work in nearby Divide, CO that I enjoyed. And you do have easy enough access to a larger city, Colorado Springs. Many people work there, but retreat for their living to Woodland Park.

One drawback is that if there is a disaster or emergency, the town can be relatively cut off, although there is a "back way" to Denver as well.

I still enjoyed living there mostly.
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