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Star Rating - 7/5/2011
Coming from the Mid-West I really dislike very hot weather. However, after living a few years in Ventura I have to say this area has the very best climate I've ever experienced. When it's hot in LA it always cooler in Ventura due to the winds off of the ocean. Absolutely a great place climate wise, however you do pay extra for the nice weather.
Bob | Ventura, CA
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I have lived in Ventura for the past 2 1/2 years. I come across multiple posts that expound the greatness of the Ventura climate. I beg to differ. The climate is nice in the winter; it doesn't snow and rarely goes below 50. However, the late spring and summer is only great if your idea of great is constant fog and temps rarely going above 70 degrees even in the middle of summer. The summer weather here is downright depressing. I probably awaken to sunshine at most 10 days max the entire summer. I've lived in multiple places throughout the US and Ventura, by far, has the coldest summer climate, and I've lived in Idaho and Montana. Then factor in the fact that who can't comfortably swim in the ocean without a damn wetsuit it all makes for some great summer fun- NOT. The whole coastal S.California fun in the sun scene is just a Hollywood illusion .Too cold- the Florida beach scene is much better at least there you can actually go in the ocean w/o dressing up like a seal.
Bp | Oxnard, CA
- 6/9/2019
Enjoy the stars as you sleep under them.
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Nana | Ventura, CA | 1 Reply

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Phil | Ventura, CA | 1 Reply

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Lisa | Chapman, KS | No Replies

- 2/17/2015
Pay for sunshine & ocean
Ventura is a wonderful place to live....if you can afford it. Economists say that as coas...
Kelly | Ventura, CA | No Replies

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