Review of Sunol, California

Nice place to live
Star Rating - 2/27/2009
We've lived in Sunol for over a decade and it's a rather nice place to live. Very picturesque and, unlike other nearby places in the area, it has managed to keep a lid on development(no small task around here!). It has a small town feel and living here makes one feel more like one lives in the country, yet it's still in the San Francisco Bay area with all of the positives associated with that. The community plays an valuable role in supporting the elementary school, which I believe has helped to keep it decent despite the less-than-optimal state of education in California at this time. The weather is nice and all the trees probably help to keep the air cleaner. The town has a post office (which is open on Saturdays), a small convenience store, a cafe, a restaurant, and an antique store, but for most things you have a fifteen minute minimum drive.
Bp | Sunol, CA
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