Review of Livingston, Montana

Gateway to Yellowstone
Star Rating - 1/5/2007
Livingston is an interesting town. There are not much for jobs, and the road does make it difficult at times to commute to Bozeman. However, this is a fun town to be in during summer. Tourists flock to this town 52 miles from Yeloowstone National Park. The Yellowstone River makes for great floating (not a thrill-seeker's river) and there is plenty of hiking, hunting and fishing. For being a small town there is a surprisingly fun nightlife, especially in summer. The only major problem is that there are a lot of snooty people with second homes and the town is quite cliquey.
Clayton | Arlee, MT
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- 9/30/2015
Livingston is unique
Livingston is a unique town. It has a terrific setting on the Yellowstone River with high ...
George | Ogden, UT | No Replies

- 9/16/2015
A bit windy
Livingston is a wonderful place to live. In the summer. But the wind in the winter is awfu...
Albert | Livingston, MT | No Replies

- 2/19/2007
About Livingston
Livingston is a great small town. YES, it is a ''windy'' city. Thankfully the wind does ...
Carla | Pray, MT | No Replies

- 1/12/2007
I cannot believe that the wind has was not mentioned previously! When I say wind, I'm talk...
Kate | Livingston, MT | 1 Reply

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