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Rock Springs, WY

Are the rumors true? - 6/26/2007
I have heard lots of rumors about Rock Springs. I know that many people say it is a rough town. Since I am looking at possibly teaching there, I would like to know what people's honest, non-sugarcoated opinions are. Is it a good place for young people as well?

Kemmerer, WY

Living in Kemmerer
- 5/7/2007
Can anyone tell me what this town is like? Is it a good place for young people to live in? How are the road conditions? Anything helps!

Thermopolis, WY

Information wanted about Thermopolis
- 5/7/2007
Can anyone tell me any information about this town? What is the cost of living? What are the people like? Are there frequent road closures due to severe weather? I am considering a move there. I am a 26 year old man. Any information helps! Thanks!

Missoula, MT

Great College Town
- 1/17/2007
Missoula is a very fun town. The people here are some of the friendliest I have met in any of the larger "cities" of Montana. They have a great deal of pride in their university, you see Grizz stuff everywhere, even on Wendy's employees. The downtown area is nice and clean. I don't know what the crime rate is but I feel pretty safe wandering around downtown. Great nightlife. You are also about an hour and a half (give or take) from Flathead Lake, one of the largest lakes in the western US. The only drawback to Missoula is the cost of living. Housing is expensive and there are not many high-paying jobs. Many people describe the town as liberal, but if you are like me you can ignore politics. The traffic can be bad at times but the people seem to know how to drive for the most part.

Livingston, MT

Gateway to Yellowstone
- 1/5/2007
Livingston is an interesting town. There are not much for jobs, and the road does make it difficult at times to commute to Bozeman. However, this is a fun town to be in during summer. Tourists flock to this town 52 miles from Yeloowstone National Park. The Yellowstone River makes for great floating (not a thrill-seeker's river) and there is plenty of hiking, hunting and fishing. For being a small town there is a surprisingly fun nightlife, especially in summer. The only major problem is that there are a lot of snooty people with second homes and the town is quite cliquey.

Bozeman, MT

Anti-Student College Town
- 1/5/2007
Bozeman is a very beautiful town but unfortunately it has fallen victim to the "end of the rainbow" mentality. People are trying to find their piece of paradise and driving the land value up to the point that the average Joe cannot afford to live there anymore. The price of housing is prohibitive and rent is also outrageous. $350 will get you a flea bag apartment. Speaking of apartments,slum lords run rampant in this collge town with no pride in their university. The town is so anti-student that many of the local stores will not hire students nor will apartment managers rent to them. The surropunding communities are not much cheaper to live in anymore. The one plus that they have is that some are not as cliquey as Bozeman is.

Arlee, MT

- 1/5/2007
Arlee has reasonable housing prices within a short distance from Missoula.

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