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Star Rating - 1/9/2019
Been here 15 years. It’s like night and day from when I moved here to now. It was a midsize city with average crime for the size of the city, pretty great commute times, and a good place to raise a family. Now... horrific crime rivaling Detroit even in the high end areas, hub for illegals, failing school system, low paying jobs for young adults (definitely not a place to start a career),roadways were built for a much lower population (although they are expanding the roads the completion date is years away), and long commutes. This is a horrible loss as Jax previously had a completely different atmosphere. If you want to see the local news just look up actionnewsjax of news4jax on twitter, facebook or their websites. JSO (the sheriffs office) also has a facebook. It will seem like a dream if you come from a place that has more expensive housing but Jax has become a dead end for increasing your income. The city isn’t robust in that regard. We all have degrees so if you come down here with yours and try to look for work, prepare to be shocked by the number of people who apply for that one rare unicorn job that pays over 65. Positive things about Jax: the weather, beach, and good places to eat.
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Rime no where near Detroit or even Chicago, L.A., or NYC. I could go on but you do have some things right job's are tough cause we have lots of people who stay here for life. As for roads... you must not live here now there has been road construction for YEARS! As for a degree to get a job, polisci and history won't get you a job. Engineering will get you hired everywhere so make sure you think about what degrees you are talking about
B | Jacksonville, FL | Report Abuse

I agree Jacksonville has gone down the rabbit hole. I have lived here 50 years and the people moving here or have moved here in the last 20 years are the rudest, ugliest, nastiest people and their driving skills are atrocious.
JEFF | Jacksonville, FL | Report Abuse
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