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Adjusting to a new environment
Star Rating - 6/5/2010
My self and three children moved to Norman in April, 2009. We chose to move from Illinos to Norman because all of my family lives here and I no longer wanted to be in IL. alone. Since being here I find this city to be much more relaxed than I am use too,but I find it to be a fairly nice place to raise children. Although the area is smaller than IL, I am still having trouble finding my way around the addresses are hidden and most people use landmarks as a destination instead of an address on street signs, I find this to be very confusing. I find the school which my three children attend to be substandard in the priority of their lessons, discipline,and school security system. The teachers are not focusing on the degree of educating our children. They are quick to call you about any little thing that does not fit their standard of teaching. I have attended church every Sunday since coming here, as a new visitor we were never introduced to the congregation, we were just assumed to be a part of the church. I have found my faith in the"Lord"since arrival here and greet everyone accordingly. I don't know any of my neighbors, yet I see them all the time coming and going and never good-morning or a hello. My children have made friends as most children always do, it is the adults of these children that are indifferent. I am now seeking employment after a year off. The prospect seem favorable for part-time work. I don't get out much other than with family member or to travel to the department stores movies and parks. There is not really much to do, no excitment, just shop, eat and watch television. The best part of being here is family.
Dorothy | Norman, OK
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