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Frustrating-- How bad IS the air quality there??
Star Rating - 9/23/2008
I was begining to think Norman was a PERFECT place to relocate. It seemed to have everything I was looking for in a place to move to, EXCEPT one HUGE problem..... The air quality is 36??!!! Oh my!!! I have allergies and my son has asthma. Would we even be able to BREATHE in Norman? I cannot believe cnn money rated Norman so high on the chart when many people could NOT go there and be able to live if they have ANY allergies or sensitivities or breathing difficulties or asthma at all! Or if they didn't have those problems before, I am guessing with that poor quality of air, they would DEVELOP breathing problems, especially the babies or young children exposed to it. I guess I will have to keep looking for my utopia :(
L.H. | Richmond, MO
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Incorrect. Via this website:, the Norman air is perfectly healthy. You lost out bigtime because of your fallacy, mate. This is why you should always fact check, folks.
Bob | Ogden, UT | Report Abuse
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