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Is Pensacola worth the risk of relocation from Tex
Star Rating - 10/25/2015
I am being considered for a position in Pensacola currently and I'm concerned about things that I'm reading here. I'm currently living in North Texas area just outside of Dallas and I have all of my family nearby. I actually love where I live and I own a beautiful home here that is appreciating at 9.5% annually. The position in Pensacola is quite attractive at 135k plus full relocation, benefits and bonuses. However, I also just received the same 135k offer for a position here in North Dallas last Friday. Now I'm wondering if I'd be better off to stay here and deal with the traffic and commute time than move to Pensacola?? The overall COL is much less in Pensacola however that can't be the only determining factor in my decision to relocate or not.

Anyone who has firsthand experience and knowledge of the Pensacola area, please provide some feedback.

Thank you..
Pat | Murphy, TX
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Pensacola used to be a really, really great place to live. After Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast and then the BP oil spill destroyed the gulf and all that lives in it, we have gone downward fast. Many of the New Orleans residents moved here since the BP oil spill and Hurricane Katrina. Now Pensacola is full of druggies, drunks,panhandlers, homeless people. Crime is high no matter what anyone says. Litter everywhere, no one seems to take pride in their homes or city. Meth everywhere, crack is too high, People are desperate, many living on social security disability and food stamps. I wouldn't bring anyone to live here.
Leaving | Pensacola, FL | Report Abuse
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SoCal to Pensacola - better place to raise kids
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