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Zero stars if I could...
Star Rating - 7/12/2017
I took my kids to Universal this past week. While Universal is wonderful, the city of Orlando itself is in shambles! Road construction is going on everywhere and we almost wrecked a few times due to the incompetent road sign placement from street workers. Our hotel was on International Drive near the Orlando Eye. While that area was built-up for tourism, I felt unwelcomed. Racial tension, domestic fighting, and compete disregard for others' personal space are what I encountered outside of the tourist areas. I didn't know I was going to Miami in central Florida! Like stated in the other reviews, I remember when Orlando was on top of its game decades ago. Now it's become a cest pool full of gun ammo strip malls, pay day loan centers, and generic chain stores. There's no respect for each other here. People will run you over in a crosswalk if it means getting their way first. Orlando used to be about family and fun. Now it's clear the only concern on residents' minds are getting their paycheck and doing the bare minimum. Orlando (not Disney or Universal) = poor to no quality or concern for others well-being.
Mary | Womelsdorf, PA
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Actually, you never came to Orlando, because you never left the tourist areas. Your comments make it clear that you have no idea what the actual city is like. I live in a beautiful, well-kept neighborhood with very nice neighbors. We chat out in the yard, swap school information, have neighborhood BBQs, and have access to a huge variety of amenities - great parks, cultural events, restaurants, and universities. Oh, yes entertainment, too.....
Denise | Orlando, FL
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Orlando, love it, lived lots of places, friendly
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Disgusting city
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"Average" as can be
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I will destroy the fantasy
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