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Not the city it used to be
Star Rating - 6/18/2019
Live in Denver but Just got back from a weekend trip to Seattle with my wife. We were attempting to relive a lovely, quick trip we had 10 years ago. While we were able to enjoy ourselves with a lot of the normal touristy stuff, much of that was overshadowed by almost stepping in human feces on Pike, getting chased by a cracked out dude with a shiv requiring us to hide in CVS in Queen Anne, and the final low-light of being woken up by gunshots outside our hotel room along with the aftermath that followed at 7th and Union (and the next day there was a mid-day shooting at 2nd and Pike). But they were fairly quick to clean most the blood off the sidewalk...glad we left the kids at home on this one. Wish I would have watched the "Seattle is Dying" documentary before we left and not after.

Say what you will about Denver, with a similar population we don't have nearly a fraction of the issues Seattle has seemed to pick up over the past few years. A liberal city as well but our enforced urban camping ban and mental illness resources have certainly helped.
Jason | Evergreen, CO
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June 16th, 7th and Union : June 17th, 2nd and Pike:
ASHER | Bellevue, WA
- 6/22/2019
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