Review of Sunnyvale, California

Tenement Town
Star Rating - 1/25/2019
We have lived in Sunnyvale for a couple of decades.
It has deteriorated significantly. Not only has the government service diminished, we are paying more for it. We are getting less and paying more.
Traffic on residential streets is a nightmare during the commute. It is difficult at times to get out of the driveway. One sits through three or four cycles of the traffic signals. Noise is constant.
Police do not respond to reports of crime. Instead we are invited to go online. A joke.
Yet, City Council allows builders to construct cheap tenements housing 70+ people where a family of five once lived. And without adequate parking.
We have spare the air days, brown outs (lack of electricity) and water shortages.
Please send employers elsewhere.

Pat | Sunnyvale, CA
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