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Review of Dallas, Texas

DFW in general is the epitome of "Any City, USA"
Star Rating - 8/28/2018
DFW is an economic powerhouse, but at the end of the day it's really nothing special. Tons of boxy, lookalike tract houses and amenities that can be found anywhere. Zero scenery. Crappy weather for about half the year. Ridiculous sprawl. Nauseating Texas Pride. The only reason to subject yourself to living here is the affordability factor. If you're just chasing a big house and a bunch of throwaway crap then you'll love it.
ChuckT | Colorado Springs, CO
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If you want a safe place with lots of Jobs and lots of Growth you have come to the right place. Dalla is a huge vibrant, clean city that offers great schools and a great way of quality life for its residents.
rafael | Dallas, TX | Report Abuse
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