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You have got to love Lawrenceville & Gwinnett Coun
Star Rating - 8/7/2007
The house prices vary from 140's up to several million. Land seems to be plentiful. Homes construction is moving at a good pace. It is a multi-nationalty community. Schools are excellent. Law enforcement is tops. Crime doesn't seem to be very high. I have lived here for 11 years and the only reason I may consider moving is for retirement purposes. Grocery prices are very reasonable, and there are many grocery facilities to choose from: Sam's, Costco, Kroger, Wal-Mart, Publix, etc.,etc.

The City of Atlanta is only a 25 mile drive. The Arts are an important part of the community.

It is a great place to live - no doubt. The jobs are plentiful and the people are super.
MONICA | Lawrenceville, GA
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- 3/6/2017
Best place to live in North Atlanta.
I am a doctor by profession and use to live diffrent places in diffrent states, but I like...
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The same city?
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best live place
cheaper cost for both live and business...
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Spring time in Lawrenceille
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Education in this town is excellent if you are fortunate to have money and can afford to l...
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- 7/12/2008
cost of living
Only 30 miles from Atlanta, it has a wonderful country feel to it. You feel like you are n...
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