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Orlando is one of the worst cities
Star Rating - 6/29/2017

Orlando is a terrible place to live- the people are just trash and scum. I had the misfortune of moving to this craphole and have been here for a bit. In the 15 years ive been here- it has been like a joke or hell really. Making friends in orlando is next to impossible, so is dating. I'm a beautiful woman, i get harassed and abused daily here. If you are a pretty woman do NOT move to orlando. The people here are ugly scum and hate anyone with beauty, talent etc. the men are even worse.
As a beautiful woman, i get harassed and abused daily here.
I can't go to a store without jerks bothering me giving me a hard time or trying to put me down. I can't get any confidence b/c everywhere I go people are always putting me down.. Making friends is virtually impossible- you'd have more success trying to survive the dangerous alaskan wilderness, trek the sahara desert, or climb mount everest- at least in those places you'd have a chance. In orlando- meeting people is not possible. Everyone is mean, rude angry, trash scum. Dating here- impossible as well. Somehow there are "people" who meet others- don't ask me how. Ive been in orlando for 15 years and am a very pretty woman- not one man in orlando has ever shown interest in me, or asked me out, but they will harass you daily. I don't know if these are men or what they are, but something is really wrong in this place. You could be the hottest woman and only get harassed and mistreated by males, that's it. in orlando the men treat you so badly if you're pretty- they all hate pretty women and it is the entire city. You could want to get 'sexual' with these males, they still reject you or run away. Ive known others who can't meet anyone for dating in orlando. Its either a parallel universe or some kind of holograpic reality. No one in orlando is normal. The males are not normal at all- they are crazy, angry, misogynistic and full of hate...worse than other places.
ive been to other cities and ONCE again- it is NOT this bad- trust me. In other places you'll find 'some'people like this, in orlando the entire city is this way. its full of ugly weird creepy low class gutter trash people?

I try joining groups to meet people- and again get mistreated by those people- there's no winning in orlando if you're a winner. If you're an ugly loser, fat geeky, weird, strange, you'll do great in orlando-make plenty of weirdo friends like yourself and people will like you. If you have talent, charisma, beauty- orlando is not the place to be- lots of ugly weirdos low class trash here jealous nasty people. I am a positive person with a lot of charisma- rather than people wanting to 'befriend' me what they do is treat me lower than crap and literally try to take my energy and power- that's all you find in orlando- bottom feeding scum. It's shocking the kind of horrible people that exist here. You also have these really dumb ugly people who will act liek they can't hear or understand you when you speak- they do this just to put people down. Doesn't happen in other cities where people are more normal.

I tried auditioning for bands, and one actually insulted my style of singing, though im an amazing singer- and they chose this guy who was horrible, and tried to put me down. Yes bullied just for auditioning b/c I have talent. It's full of these creepy inferior pathetic weirdos who put down anyone who really is talented. My experiences in orlando have been nothing but hate, people trying to put me down, use me, or just not good things. Rather than appreciate my talents I get insulted and abused by most people. Another male contacted me for music- he began manipulating me right away and messing with my head. Everything in orlando is some kind of a scam or meeting some kind of sociopath it seems. The people of the city are users, liars, losers, fakes, scam artists- but like 98% of the people there are this way.

For me living in orlando is another day of getting harassed and mistreated by the ugly weird freaks of that city/..I went to another city and males were flirting with me in a store. Orlando is a city full of low class inferior scum- they hate people who have things going for them and collectively bully them. It's full of these ugly weirdo hispanic fat people or strange nasty people in general. Its a terrible place full of nasty bad people...
anon | Orlando, FL
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Sexual harassment is inexcusable and I'm sorry you had to go through it. Your being rejected by people however, may be in part due to your narcissistic personality disorder.
Arya | University, FL

I get the male sexual harrassement -- I really do, having experienced a lot myself in my younger days, even though I lived in an 'average' Northeast city, not Orlando. That said, you do sound rather racist with all the Hispanic bashing, and constant name calling of others as "ugly" while describing yourself as "beautiful"..In addition, you constantly use the word "weird" to describe people there..That's okay, but the problem is, one person's 'weird' can be another person's "normal", so we really need to know what you think is "weird" if you want us to know what you're talking about.
Arlene | Wauconda, IL

So how do you really feel about Orlando? I couldn’t get a sense of how you liked it by your comment.
Oscar | Cypress, CA

I doubt that your review is very objective. Calling others ugly and weird is not a way to ingratiate yourself to people in Orlando. I live in Orlando and I think it's a decent place to live. Your review is so vague and subjective, it's worthless.
Tim | Winter Park, FL
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