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A Great Place To Raise Your Kids
Star Rating - 7/17/2007
Like most people in Warner Robins, my family was stationed at Robins AFB for 6 years. The people there are VERY nice and the schools on the southside are one of the best in the nation. If you enjoy southern hospitality, you will find it in Warner Robins. I particularly don't care for the hustle and bustle of the city life, mainly traffice, so Warner Robins was great for us. It's a small town with plenty of things to do and Macon is only 20 minutes away if you do enjoy the city. Warner Robins has a very low crime rate and the housing is very affordable! The town is also very military friendly. My son also had the best Pediatrician. And yes, it get's hot in the summer, but unless you live in Alaska, it's hot everywhere! So don't let anyone fool you about the healthcare or people being "uneducated" in that area. I will be the first to say, I'll be back there when we retire in 3 years!!
Wendie | Hampton, VA
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Public transportation
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Severely Limited
Culture and recreation within Warner Robins are extremely limited. The reasonable cost of...
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