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Missing Northwestern Wyoming
Star Rating - 3/9/2010
I have lived in various western states and the mid-west. I was blessed to live in Cody, WY for over 12 years and greatly miss it. The people are genuine, friendly and the clear days summer or winter are refreshing. Wyoming has some of the best public schools and the lowest taxes in the US. There are exceptional outdoor recreation opportunities and even a low cost recreation center for indoor activities. I would move back to this Northwest part of Wyoming if I could. I have been living in the Salt Lake City, UT area and there is no comparison, it is like the dark ages. Wyoming will always be home. If you are looking for what America use to be a clean country with values and a pioneer spirit, you can find it in Wyoming.
Lew | Millcreek, UT
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Provided you are a conformist, and can be entertained by seeing the same people day after day after day in the same rinky dink social settings Wyo is for you. It has awesome outdoors activities, as good as anywhere except for wind and cold. But the human resources are the least attractive physically, fashionably, and otherwise of any state in the U.S. THere are reasons fewer people and businesses choose Wyo than any other state in the union. If you are looking for energy and diversity and any thing like sophistication you will be utterly disgusted with the entire state which, I think, can be best described as great big Walmart.
Bp | Cheyenne, WY | Report Abuse
- 3/19/2020
No children specialists in this State
I love in Riverton Wy. Nice place. But this in not the place to live if you have children ...
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- 10/5/2018
Beautiful state... depends on your situation
If I was rich and retired or had the capability to work remotely I would consider Wyoming ...
tracy | Lander, WY | No Replies

- 9/7/2017
Brown and empty.
I've lived in Wyoming my entire life, (I'm 19) and I find it to be the type of place for a...
Taylor | Gillette, WY | 1 Reply

- 1/23/2016
Summers are Beautiful
Because of the clean air, sunny skies and beautiful mountain ranges, Wyoming is an incredi...
Deb | Riverton, WY | 1 Reply

- 8/30/2014
Laramie, NO BIG TIME!
This is very true, Laramie is horrible, very cold and windy, short summers, depressing and...
Lali | Laramie, WY | No Replies

- 3/30/2013
Wyoming as Home
Wyoming is a Republican state. Period. Even if you live in Jackson, the views are conserva...
Emory | Bulls Gap, TN | 2 Replies

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