Review of Elizabeth Lake, California

Great place for everyone
Star Rating - 7/17/2017
I've been here for 6 years and I would say it's a great place to live overall. It's nice and quiet, and the air quality is good. We had a major fire go through here a few years ago, so fires are a major worry. But the housing prices are half of Santa Clarita's and there's no traffic or smog. There's lots of wildlife too. We have about 5 bunny's that feed on our lawn every morning. There's also lots of lizard, quails, and other birds. There's also rattlesnakes out here, but we've only seen around two so far. Only bad thing is that the real city of Lancaster is about 15 miles away, so any shopping for anything is a drive. There's a few restaurants and bars up here, and a few small stores for small stuff, so it's not completely isolated. Another bad thing is that it can get cold up here. We're at 3400 feet, so we can get snow too. But it's a heck of alot better than LA. I hated the smog, traffic, and crowds of the valley.
Joe | Elizabeth Lake, CA
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