Review of Keene, New Hampshire

Pros and Cons of Keene, NH
Star Rating - 10/16/2008
Here is a quick run down of the pros and cons of Keene, NH from a native.

-Small City feel with quaint downtown and a generally safe area.
-For its small size there is a decent amount of culture here
-Plenty of outdoor activities
-Good place to raise kids
-2 hours to Boston, Seacoast; 4 hours to NYC
-Good (though pricy) school system
-Great location for families and older folks
-No Sales or Income Taxes

-Very high property taxes
-Even with the relative culture, it is still pretty sleepy
-Lack of economic opportunites often forces young people to move away
-New England winters (unless you are a skier, which would make this a pro)
-Many "yankee" attitudes - often seen as unfriendly until you get to know people.

Andrew | Keene, NH
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