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Cost of Housing listed is misleading
Star Rating - 5/4/2016
In the cost of living review of Georgia, it shows that housing in Georgia is 75% of the national average, which sounds good to someone thinking of moving into the state, however most of the housing in areas where most prospective residents would want to live are significantly higher in cost and are at or above the national average. If you move into the Metro Atlanta area, housing averages around $250,000 or more for housing. The lower cost housing in Georgia is primary found outside the metro area or in areas with low income, and in those lower cost areas, well paying jobs are scarce. In addition, wages in Georgia tend to run 10-15% below the national average so it's even harder to survive in Georgia when compared to national averages.
D | Suwanee, GA
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I agree with the cost of housing & cost of living not being less than national average. We are moving from New England area & homes we are looking at compare the same for the same size. The sales tax is high, the food is priced the same or more. I don't know about cost of services yet, ie electricity, but garbage collection is not included in city taxes in almost all Georgia cities. No free pick ups of large trash items. Despite the frequent rain, the weather is usually beautiful.
Rustey | Newark, DE | Report Abuse
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