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outsiders be aware you will never be from here
Star Rating - 9/8/2019
When I moved to Springfield with my family, we came from the north so didn't we didn't experience the scathing hatred Californians might encounter. Even so, not being a native Oregonian we paid a price. For a reasonably big town it is surprising how small town closed it was toward people that moved from elsewhere.
Yet, I was so thrilled to be there, out of the cold and snow to the beautiful lush green and gorgeous parks. There were cute little houses at reasonable prices (not anymore) I expected to be happy and live there the rest of my life.
The thrill wore off when we got involved in a church that was friendly, but only after much damage was done did we understood it was more cultist. We stayed several years but after scrambling my husband couldn't never could get full time work. Part time jobs without benefits forced us to apply for food stamps to our horror. Ashamed of things getting that bad, the worker lectured us "go back where you came from, why do you losers show up here?" Okay then.. hiring local got them that sort of talent. The scathing contempt left an impression we never recovered from
When we finally left I couldn't get out of town fast enough. When I drove through recently, the neighborhood our little house was in was derelict, run down, depressing. Now I wonder if that attitude toward "outsiders" helped caused the terrible decline in this area? There might be enclaves of stability say in Eugene in a professors neighborhood, but Springfield is definitely, more down and out.
Whatever town you are leaving, thinking of coming to Springfield could be going from the frying pan to the fire. I was so relieved to get out of the snow and cold. I happily went back to a place where people are more hospitable.

Grace | Springfield, OR
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Springfield, Oregon, currently is the pits (as in life is a bowl of cherries but I got all the pits), that is true. But it got that way because too many of what you politely call "outsiders" crashed our party uninvited and in too short a time-span. And you did'nt even bring a plate of something, anything, to contribute to the party. Because of this sudden extreme over-population effect, we have run out of free beer and snacks for "uninviteds" (a better word than "outsiders" even if its not in the dictionary.) If you had all gone home when the party crashed, we might have been able to clean up the place and resume life as we knew it before the sudden population explosion.
Hugh | Springfield, OR | Report Abuse

we experience this as well. coming from slc, utah to springfield, oregon to care for a terminally ill family memeber temporarily. my husband was caregiver to his grandmother so i was looking for work for about a year we planned on being there. i got an interview at a chain restaurant and was told by the manager, "we only hire people from oregon" well i was living in oregon, so why wouldnt that make me from oregon? her manager called me back a week later and hired me without her knowledge but once she found out she cut my hours down to like less than 10 a week. i do plan on moving back to oregon, but i will be getting my ID taken care of right away and i wont be disclosing to employers that i just moved into state.
nicole | Murray, UT | Report Abuse
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