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Low Crime
Star Rating - 3/1/2006
Crime leveles are low the court and police have a good hand on it.
Alan | Fayetteville, GA
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- 5/23/2011
Great schools!
Moved here with my 3 sons and husband in spring of 2009 and am really impressed with the e...
karen | Fayetteville, GA | No Replies

- 3/3/2011
Rental Rates
Wanting to know what is the average rental rates in Fayette County. ...
Darlene | Fayetteville, GA | No Replies

- 1/30/2010
Summer and Winter
In Summer, it's hot and dry, 80-90F easily, every day. If there's a breeze it's more toler...
Bp | Fayetteville, GA | No Replies

- 8/14/2009
It's home to me
Overall, I like Fayetteville. I grew up here and it will always be my home. It's changed a...
Ash | Norcross, GA | No Replies

- 3/20/2006
Crime rate going up...population changing
As the population changes, it appears to me that the crime rate is going up. I haven't st...
Regina | Fayetteville, GA | No Replies

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