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Star Rating - 10/30/2013
I've lived in South Dakota most of my life. I love this place I call home. There was a time when I hated it here, but now I can't imagine living anywhere else. Some people say the winters are bad or the summers are too humid. I used to think this, too, but I decided to look for the good in South Dakota rather than the bad. Now, I can't wait for winter so I can dance in the snow, make snow angels and snowmen, and catch the snowflakes as they fall from the sky! I can't wait until winter so I can listen to the tinkle of the snowflakes as they fall through the air and then to catch them on my eyelashes! I can't wait until winter so I can go ice skating with my friends, invite friends over for a cup of hot chocolate and a game! Winter used to be my worst nightmare, now it is my dream! Some people say there is nothing to do here or you can't make a living here. If you are used to making $20 an hour and having the mall 10 feet from your back door, then that is true. But for me, I have plenty to do here! I can always invite friends to my place, or go shopping in Sioux Falls. There are also plenty of tourist attractions here, too! I can always call up some friends and go to DeSmet to the Ingalls Homestead, or take a tour of the Ingalls Homes in town. We can always go to Watertown to the Redlin Art Center, to Madison to Prairie Village, or visit the Corn Palace in Mitchell. Then there is the Black Hills which is only 8 hours from where I live, I go there at least once a year anyway. There are so many places to sight see there! I've lived in SD for more than 20 years and I still find new places to go each year! We may not get paid the best here, but usually we don't need to get paid top dollar, we don't need a mansion or expensive take-out food, we just need a nice home with a usable kitchen, which doesn't really cost that much in South Dakota. There are some people who say there is nothing in South Dakota except cows and corn fields, I used to think this, too, but like I already said, I decided to look for the good instead of the bad. Here on eastern South Dakota we don't have many trees which makes it easy to see the sunrise and the sunset each day and we don't have big cities, so we can actually see the stars at night! Here we have wide open areas which makes it easier and safer to go snowmobiling in the winter or four wheeling in the summer, or driving any other toys during different seasons. I have learned to look for the beauty in the trees,
Country Girl | Madison, SD
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Some of our best years of our almost 50 years together were spent in Spearfish back in the early 1980's. I would give anything to relieve those years again. It's not the money, not the view, although it helps realestate prices. My wife and I grew up in northern Michigan, Interlochen area for me, Traverse City for her, nothing but SNOBS up there . Love SD.
John | Hemet, CA | Report Abuse
- 1/29/2016
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South Dakota
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Matthew | Freeman, SD | 4 Replies

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