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Great... if you fit in
Star Rating - 7/6/2017
Since my family moved to Maryland we have experienced numerous electrical and plumbing catastrophes, including small fires in the house, because of incompetent utility workers and illegal wiring. We have also been kicked out of several houses because the landlords were fickle and petty (we didn't fall behind on rent or break any rules). The only house we were nearly forced to stay in was the illegally wired, fire-hazardous one.

Personally I have, so far, dropped out of church and quit my job because I was bullied (including sexual harassment) in both just for being different, and no matter what I did, it wouldn't stop. In my experience, Maryland is not a good place for the neurodivergent.
Anne | Beltsville, MD
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- 10/1/2017
Lots to do in Maryland and beautiful state
I was born here and sill live here 43 years later, the thing I don't like is the cold wint...
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- 3/2/2017
worst drivers
nobody from Maryland can drive. they cause so many accidents and block traffic with their ...
Ally | Ogden, UT | No Replies

- 7/8/2015
High cost of living
For a small state, Maryland is so overly taxed that it make the cost of living way to high...
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- 5/30/2015
DC bedroom
I'm in Maryland just 10 miles outside DC. Nothing really to say. I guess I live here becau...
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- 5/3/2015
Lots of good colleges
There are lots of good colleges in Maryland....
Christiana | Owings Mills, MD | No Replies