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With over 100,000 people, is Antioch really Crime
Star Rating - 5/30/2015
Just like most large 100k population cities, there are some places in Antioch that crime is almost non existent while over by the freeway, it's very high. You must look at the neighborhood. The large 5 bedroom homes tend to have the section 8 crowd. You must look at the school districts test result. That is usually a good indication of the type of neighbors you will be having. We own three homes. The ones in Antioch we have very good tenants. Eagleridge is one of the best neighborhoods with Police Officers living in the area. As far as the police crime numbers, you will find that along 10th and 18th streets is about 40% of the problems. Along the Golf Course, you find more section 8. Oakley and Brentwood, which thought was to be great a few years ago, is now having their own police enforcement problems such as homicides as they grow and their police dept cannot keep up with the calls. Most cities are having similar problems. When you buy anywhere, talk with the neighbors. Look at the street to see if it is a parking lot or not.
Jim | Antioch, CA
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Alameda county supervisors lowered the section 8 payment causing their poor residents to move to eastern contra costa. to force contra costa supervisors to spread out the section 8 renters petition them to enforce the low income housing requirements on moraga, Danville, walnut creek, pleasant hill , excetra.
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