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It used to be a great city.
Star Rating - 10/29/2019
I first moved the city in the late 70's. It was a great place then. Friendly, creative people, relatively peaceful, and of course beautiful. There was a great vibe going on. But now! I've been back to live there maybe a dozen times, and each time it just got more expensive while offering less, and the city I once knew is now totally destroyed by greed. People moan about the liberals, but it's about corruption and ineptitude really. The liberals that are still there, and there's not many, constantly fight among themselves. There is NO consensus between no one, especially on important things like the homeless, crime, traffic, all that. The police have been a disaster with their so called "containment" policy, and folks, they have been doing this for going on half a century! Their policy of cramming all the drug addicts and assorted criminals into the Tenderloin and allowing them to do what they want with impunity is insane. Besides, what sort of message does that send to the rest of society? It does not work. TNDC controls all of the low rent hotels, and they are a huge bureaucracy. Very, very corrupt and, again, incompetent. But they get away with it because the mayors are ineffective and the police do what they wish. Downtown weather is awful due to all the high rises. Cold winds whip through streets that get little light due to the huge buildings. MUNI is another total disaster. I only took BART. If I couldn't get somewhere except by MUNI, then I walked or called a cab. It is unsafe and unreliable. Now, let's talk about the people who now reside in S.F. Monied, selfish rubes from somewhere else. The magic is really gone.
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