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Great small town feel growing too rapidly.
Star Rating - 1/22/2020
Born and raised until 19 years old when I met my wife. That was 1988. Moved a few places, living in my wife's childhood home only 12 miles away from the house here in Norco for 25 years and able to watch Norco grow to what it is growing to now and still. (much too large for a small town). Moved back to Norco in 2016 after losing my father and purchased this house in 18 after losing my mother. It's not the same but you're looking for what to expect of Norco, not my memories...
Norco is approximately 50 miles east of LA, 50 miles west of Palm Springs and 120ish miles north of San Diego. We border Corona (NOR = north CO = Corona - NORCO) which borders Anaheim hills on the west.
It's a small town in the areas of a bunch of larger cities. Few street lights in the neighborhoods with most properties with half acre or more. Very few with less than half acre.
It's a growing community with many places to shop for groceries to car dealerships. Close to major cities. Weather is warm/hot with no snow fall. Rainy days are mostly during the early part of the year, February being the wettest month.
It's a quiet town with the "horse community" being the trademark of the town.
We certainly have our "traffic hours" with a major freeway down the center of town. (15 freeway). Really quite pleasant in comparison to any surrounding cities nearby. A lot of people take pride in ownership of their property here and look out for their area respectfully. Kind of a "good ol' boy" sort of concept of living.
I'm selling and moving out of state but not for reasons of not appreciating Norco. I would have lived here for the rest of life but the state has become unbearable to most companies, including this small contractor.
I would recommend Norco to anyone who is moving to southern California oppose to any other area if the small town feel is what you desire with the ability to drive to larger cities for work.
Chris | Norco, CA
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